Answer: a versatile, open-format DJ from the "6IX"

1997. The year DJ Markoshi got his first pair of turntables. Like most DJs, he first started as a bedroom DJ  at the tender and "innocent" age of 14. Two years later, he played his first public party in Calgary, Alberta in 1999. He first took on a music scene that was booming in Western Canada at the time - House Music. Over the past 21 years and 1000+ shows later, DJ Markoshi developed a unique style by experimenting with genres that aren't typically heard during a night out, including the always-popular Motown music and disco. As of late, he is known to bring back the amazing sound of New Jack Swing; made popular in the early to mid-nineties. You can check him out around Toronto holding down parties such as the Motown Party, The Y2K Party, and his party series "Guilty Pleasures". Head over to the Events page to see where he'll be at next!


So... what does this guy do?

Need a DJ for your next event? Book talent for venues? See what Markoshi can do for you.


bar/nightclub PERFORMANCE

With a diverse background and expert skill set, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by what DJ Markoshi brings to the table. Music range can span from Motown music, to funk and disco, to current music of today - throughout all the decades. These availabilities fill up, so book him in to play your venue!



Throughout many years of providing this service to countless clients, DJ Markoshi has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the process completely seamless and the result extraordinary. Corporate performances include shows for local companies, to major events for global companies and events for UFC and Playboy TV.



Let's face it. There are a lot of DJ's that do weddings. But most of them cannot read the crowd's energy, nor do they know what to do in a party situation. There are two major complaints about weddings - the food, and the DJ. At least let DJ Markoshi NOT be one of those complaints. But, he can't control if there aren't vegetarian options, or if the prime rib is too dry.


“Without music, life is a journey through a desert.”

PAT CONROY  |  AUTHOR, the prince of tides