Affiliates & Partners

The affiliates & partners below have helped Markoshi be the DJ he is today. Check out the following guys, and hope to see you at one of their events! These fine people always provide a great time in Toronto and surrounding areas. Big thank you to everyone involved for making Toronto a fun place to party!


Good Kids

Good kids

Good Kids is a full service, event production company based in Toronto. Good Kids is an agency built on creating unforgettable events and brand activations that cultivate meaningful relationships between their clients and fanbase. With residencies in Chicago, Las Vegas, London, New York, Toronto & Vancouver, Good Kids has the reach to tap into talent and influencers in multiple markets.

Motown Party

The motown party

A world famous soul party thrown in over 7 locations around the world played by the top Djs in each city! Since the mid 2000's we've taken all that fun, sexy and smooth feeling that soul music gives you and we've turned it into a high energy dance party that raises awareness and money for great community causes.

The Y2K Party

The y2k party

The massive party from Chicago, with monthlies in Toronto and Vancouver. Devoted to the best JAMS, HITS & Guilty Pleasures of the early to mid 2000s!

House Party

house party

House Party can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. They provide only the best professional DJ's in Toronto from a wide range of musical backgrounds.